Things That Only Healers Understand

Ever since I started playing MMOs, I have always been a healer.  It started because I was new and it was an “easy” class to play.  However, to be a great healer it is anything but easy.


1. You carry the weight of the group on your shoulders.

Tank makes a bad pull and everyone dies?  Your fault! DPS doesn’t move out for an AoE? Your fault.  In fact you find that everyone in game is under the impression that you have this magical skill that heals the whole party for 100% health instantly with no cool down.  And when you do the equivalent of a hail Mary pass, no one notices it.  You are thinking to yourself “OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!” However, chances are your efforts go unnoticed because that’s just what you’re supposed to do.  But you make some small mistake and the group will make you feel like the biggest noob who ever existed.

2. You can’t rest.

Be careful if you get a reputation for being good.  You’ll never be able to slow down and enjoy whatever game you are playing.  Expect that every time you log in to either have your friends’ list or guild begging you to do everything under the sun.  Do you want to level an alternate class?  Forget it, nobody is ever going to want you for anything other than your heals.  So forget about that idea of making a boom boom sorcerer, it ain’t gonna happen.

3. You hate other healers.

Let’s say hypothetically that you are able to roll an alt, and you begin running dungeons.  You quickly realize that other healers suck.  The concept of pre-casting (knowing that a big hit is about to come, so you begin casting a heal so it goes off right after it lands) is foreign.  Also, it goes by different names in every game, but other healers don’t understand the idea of dispelling or removing harmful effects from group members.  In fact it seems that other healers seem to think that the only skills that matter are their heals and ignore any skills to remove negative effects or give their healing temporary buffs.

4. You are jealous of other healers.

We healers are possessive of our groups.  We have OUR tanks.  We have OUR DPS.  If you are caught up in traffic and miss the time that your static runs a dungeon, you are jealous and hate that PUG healer they pick up.  In fact, you may find yourself checking in with the group members to make sure that person sucks, and hope that they just can’t stand it and end up kicking them to take you instead.

5. We’re opinionated.

Other than when we are playing on an alt, we rarely encounter other healers, that is until you go on the online forums for whatever game you are playing.  And there, the e-peens fly.  Everyone has an opinion, and they are quick to tell you how wrong you are.  While you may be of the belief that a good healer is able to make it through a dungeon with no deaths, others will mock you for your choice of rotations.  Others may be convinced that a certain skill is useless.  Some people will take the game very seriously, and have performed advanced level calculus and statistics to analyze every skill and piece of gear and then use that data to prove you wrong.  In fact your reasoning, “It just works” isn’t good enough for that person.

6. We make excellent friends.

Despite being opinionated and rarely being able to play with other healers, when we meet other healers we become friends.  We become each other’s support system and give each other a place to bitch about all the things we hate about healing.  In fact some of those friendships transcend games.

So if you aren’t a healer, don’t forget that we do a lot.  If you do happen to die, realize that it isn’t always our fault.  We have a lot on our plate.


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