In Game Cosplay

So I’ve got the cosplay itch, and I have yet to start on my Sailor Neptune costume.  So, why not dress up my Final Fantasy XIV characters.

So I have been watching Kill La Kill.  It occured to me that my Lalafell Mari Belle would make a cute chibi Mako.

Lalafell cosplay


Of course I still have Ophelia Belle dressed as a soldier from Attack on Titan!



Of course neither is perfect.  But it is fun to dress up my characters.  Within FFXIV, I have seen numerous people dressed as Link as well as Mario and Luigi.

Cosplay in video games is nothing new. In fact I got the idea after seeing an awesome picture of some people in Guild Wars II dressing up as the Sailor Senshi.

There is also an entire thread dedicated to in game cosplays that I found.

So while we may not always have the money to go to conventions, or sewing skills, we are able to dress our characters up to express our love for our fandoms!

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