How Not to be a Cosplay Noob: Part 2 Hotel Etiquette

Welcome to part 2 of How Not to be a Cosplay Noob! Here I will discuss hotel etiquette.  Most of this should go without saying, but every time I see a large con happen, there are multiple reports of how attendees treat the host space.


When you cosplay, you don’t represent yourself, you represent the entire cosplay community.  You represent your fandom.  You don’t see cons at cheap motels, they are at nice hotels that many people wouldn’t stay at outside of a con (and probably why they squeeze 5+ people into a room).  As attendees become more destructive rates go up to cover the cost of damages.  So here comes some general advice.

1. Housekeeping isn’t your mama.

While they are paid to clean your room, keep your room as neat and organized as possible.  This is good for you because it will make packing on the last day as easy as possible.  Hotel trashcans are notoriously small and we all know that we have tons of drinks and snacks with us.  Pack a few large trash bags to store your trash in.  Put towels in one location to make it easier on staff , such as in the bathtub. While tipping isn’t necessary, it is a huge thank you to staff that is overworked and having to put up with a lot of extra crap that weekend.  For every courteous person there will be one who thinks flooding the bathtub is a good idea.

2. Respect all hotel property.

Whether it is towels, the pool, or the elevator; you should respect anything the hotel owns.  Bring your own makeup remove wipes and use them to get off all traces of your makeup.  If you are doing body paint, bring your own towel and possibly a sheet or tarp to stand on while you apply it.  While on the topic of body paint.  SEAL IT!!! The last thing the hotel needs are smears and smudges everywhere.  It also isn’t a bad idea to bring your own towels anyway since the hotel will be at capacity.

While on the topic of elevators, stop the elevator shenanigans. There are plenty of ways to have fun at a con, and it shouldn’t involve pushing every button in the elevator or jumping in it.  Occasionally we do have poor souls sharing the hotel with us, like umm a bunch of Syrian refugees at a Furry Convention. Again, think of yourself as an ambassador of your fandom to the world.  You can make people think all fans are terrible people (not pointing fingers at certain people with gray bodypaint and colorful horns), or you can give people a positive impression.  Hogging the elevator just makes the con annoying to others who are trying to make it to panels and photoshoots.

3. Just because it’s not against the rules doesn’t mean that it’s okay.

When I attended Ichibancon 2016, it was the first time I had seen really bad hotel behavior.  2015 had no major issues.  On New Years Eve I was sitting in the atrium with my husband and friends playing Cards Against Humanity.  The countdown began…and then there was a rain of trash into the atrium.  Toilet paper, tissue papers, you name it, kids were throwing it over the edge into the atrium and the trash remained all weekend.  While this wasn’t technically against the rules, it was annoying and disrespectful to the hotel.  Again at Ichibancon there were people who spent the weekend walking circles with music blasting.  Con security said that it was technically not against the rules and that all they could do was break up large groups.  HOWEVER, hotel management didn’t appreciate it and took it as a general noise complaint.  So even though there isn’t a rule that exists, it doesn’t mean you should do it.  Use common sense.

4. Use the mythical shower.

I’m kind of perplexed on this one.  In your hotel room next to the toilet there is a curtain. I used to be mystified about what lay beyond the curtain, but I opened it and discovered a wonderful device designed for personal hygiene maintenance.  It produces water and there is often a complimentary solid bar of a cleansing agent.  Now bare with me here.  At the end of the day, after you have been running around get into this contraption.  You must remove your clothing and turn on the water to a comfortable temperature.  Now take that bar and grab a washrag and lather and wash all those stinky surfaces.  Repeat as often as necessary.

Thanks so much for reading!  If anyone has any additional tips for hotel etiquette feel free to share!


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