Congoers behaving badly–photography sniping

I thought about editing and adding this to my photography guide, but I really think it deserves a separate post.

Both photographers and cosplayers can be busy people.  Often when booking a photo shoot the photographer and cosplayer have agreed on a time, length, and spot.  Often the cosplayer has shots in mind for their character that they want to try to get done just right.

I don’t know a better term than to call it other than photography sniping.  If you are a photographer and you guys have another term let me know!

You are in the middle of a paid shoot and either other attendees or worse another photographer moves in and uses your posing as an excuse to sneak in and get some shots.  Or even worse, someone asks for a photo, thinking that you’re taking photos so why not?

If you are at a bar, and a musician is on the stage, would you consider it rude to get up on stage and start singing?  Well of course, they are working and making money!  You are intruding on their ability to do their job.

A cosplayer has paid a photographer for a small amount of their time. A photographer who is going to take time to edit the photos and make them the best that they can be.  If you really love the cosplayer and photographer, instead of squeezing in to take a shot, why not ask the cosplayer or photographer for their page so you can see their art later on?

If you are dead set on having a pic of your own, respect their space and catch the cosplayer when they are finished and ask.

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