Expect new content!

Noooo one sees this page.  But that’s okay!  I’m going to start updating it with more cosplay info and hopefully more tutorials beyond my SNK jacket. I’m hoping that I’ll start putting some of my more derpy stuff on this website.  Enjoy this old photo fail from Banzaicon2014.

How To Find Me!

    I’m not always the best at updating my blog here!  However you can follow me the following ways. Facebook: Andibelle Stitchcraft and Cosplay Instagram Twitter: @Andibelle1221

In Game Cosplay

So I’ve got the cosplay itch, and I have yet to start on my Sailor Neptune costume.  So, why not dress up my Final Fantasy XIV characters. So I have been watching Kill La Kill.  It occured to me that my Lalafell Mari Belle would make a cute chibi Mako.   Of course I still … [Read more…]