The following images are my sketches of both my and friend’s characters in Aion.  At this time I didn’t do any art using my iPad, so everything was done with just plain paper and a pencil.

Would you like to have a sketch drawn?  Let me know and I’ll arrange to do it for you!

Andibelle–Elyos Cleric Israphel


Abssolute- Asmodian Cleric 

Geodon- Asmodian Spiritmaster

Furyian/Cronix Elyos Ranger or Assassin (depending on his mood)


Kovalthrash Elyos Spirit Master

Akimera Elyos Cleric

Kryptonyte Elyos Chanter

Valorium Elyos Gladiator

Mahar Elyos Sorcerer

Maribelle Elyos Chanter