Hinata reading Make Out Tactics

Welcome to my page/blog! I’m Andibelle. I have been cosplaying for around a year and a half now. I’ve always wanted to try cosplaying, but I knew very little about how to get started. It all started when I put on cat ears from an old Halloween costume and dressed up as Luna for a local convention.  Now I use cosplay as a means to make friends and positively encourage others.

Outside of the cosplay world, I’m my own kind of magical girl. I graduated from University of South Carolina Upstate with a degree in psychology.  I use my artistic talents and passion for gaming to help children with emotional and mental disorders.  I may guide a child through an art activity to help explore their self-esteem or use video games to work on social skills.

I don’t have any awards to my name, but my goal is to be positive and supportive to all cosplayers around me.  I am a con mom and try to be a good role model to everyone around me. I believe that cosplay is a hobby to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of skill level, age, race, gender, and size.


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